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Yanka Smetanina 

artist  |  researcher  | curator 

Kolloboration. Experimenteller Kurzfilm, Anidok (animierter Dokumentarfilm)


for international animators and videoartists.

For the participatory animated documentary film as part of the non-profit project "Women. From War to War" shorts are accepted. Any of the techniques, drawn or computer 2D animation, video collage, editing or 3D, whichever best conveys your author's idea. Is there an armed conflict going on in your country right now? If yes, it will be about it. If not, there could be about escalating military violence, tensions over war in neighboring countries, or dissatisfaction with a dictatorial regime, protests now. The project is non-commercial, no payment is expected at this stage. All selected participants will be featured in the film and noted in Credits. 

We ask for submissions of animation scenes with application and short description until April 25th.
For more information or questions, please send inquiry to

Resolution 2K 2048x1980, 25 fps, up to 15 seconds.

Page under construction

Forschungs- & Kunstprojekt zur Geschichte der Beteiligung  von Frauen im Krieg. 

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