Multimedia Installation based on a graphic novel. 3-channel video, LSD panels, graphics.

2020, EinheitsEXPO in Potsdam. Die Kommission „30 Jahre Friedliche Revolution und Deutsche Einheit“.


The whole world is created for you.


Inscription stones in Braille.

2016. The work was done for the PROTEATR, Festival of Inclusive Theater.





«Silence is silver, the word is gold».

No, the word is not despicable metal, and not ore. The word is stone. Heavy, weighty, heavy, or light, porous. Warm, warmed by the sun, rough, rough. Or cold, sharp, faceted, sparkling. You can throw words. You can write a book. You can build a house from stones, or you can break a window in this house. For me, stones are words that form texts, they are almost like living beings. They are filled with meaning and have their own face. It is no coincidence that, probably, while I was preparing this installation, I discovered that there were almost no stones left in the city, sometimes you can find somewhere lie fragments of asphalt, pieces of road surface or bricks. Plain and devoid of history.


«Internal organs», 2011, Factory, Moscow, Russia, 4th Moscow biennale of modern arts. 2015, Russisch-österreichisches Kulturforum.

A letter to Tatlin


We are living in a unique time. Information is literally poured into the air. Just imagine, think: the Internet! Wireless internet access, I have in mind. You sit in a café, and near by you pass the letter, who sent the contract, sketches ... 

Unthinkable. No wires, no nothing, the information flows in space. Well there is not rethinking constructivism, depriving it of its construction. Or conversely, it is utopian perfect design transfer information, absolute, and therefore fully consistent with constructivism.

So, imagine now that every metaphysical bytes sweep past us in the space becomes a tangible and we can contemplate it. We are literally surrounded by objects. Installation is hanging heavily on strings tennis balls, ping-pong. The distance between the threads are different, but in general the object is a parallelopiped, where the lowest balls are at eye level of the (Presumably) low adult and very top, respectively, 2, 5 m from the floor. Through balls can go. But they envelop us because they are around the eyes. When we go to the gallery, we immediately get into this information field.

Why is the information? Because at every ball that something is written. Quotes from the letters Rodchenko, manifesto of Futurism, Filippo Marinetti, Quotes from the book N. Punin’s «The world is bright with love».


2011. Moscow Modern Art Museum, Russia 2011, 4x6 m, ping pong balls, marker, fishing line.

Repatriants. Broken branches.

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