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Yanka Smetanina 

Multidisyiplinary artist, researcher 

X-Girls is a feminist art collective that challenges dominant patriarchal structures through creative and participatory processes. Our aim is to support all women and marginalized groups through inclusive projects and exhibitions. We promote open democratic processes, horizontal social structures, political ecology, and multiculturalism. We demand equality and freedom for all and call for an end to all wars. We advocate for a feminist radical democracy where values of equality, peace, respect, and justice are upheld, and where the world is driven by scientific, environmental, and creative development rather than greed and profit. We believe that everyone has a right to good living conditions and that everyone should be treated as a citizen.

Elya May is a Russian-Australian Jewish painter based in Berlin. Her work combines painting, interactive media, and performance, and focuses on the vulnerability, humor, and pathos of the human condition. She uses reinterpretations of classical fables and visual storytelling to critique and interpret social constructs from a personal, emotional, and feminist perspective.

Yanka Smetanina was born in Belebey in Bashkiria.  The main theme of her artistic research is the full range of personal and social experiences, situational exploration of reality and interaction with it, and in specific themes such as trauma, identity, memory, and body as memory. She is primarily interested in how private and collective memory can influence, transform, construct, represent and deconstruct reality. 

Current projects


'A Feast in Time of Plague'


home space art exhibition - kvartirnik (the concept of exhibiting in a non-gallery setting) is an exhibition that focuses on non-institutional exhibition organised in support of Ukrainian artists and exhibits our resolve and unity in supporting Ukraine.

Artwork by

X-Girls (birthday girls)

Yanka Smetanina, painting, video, De

Elya May, painting, De

Дифузії / Diffusions Residence, Ukr

Alan Mayer, painting

Anatolij Pickmann, Illustrations, De/Ukr

Olga Losynska, Grafik, Ukr

Apathe, DJ, De

Alan Meyer

Israeli artist, born in USSR, based in Berlin for the last 20 years. Begun working under “New Wild” art movement. Gradually he was developing his art stile: moving from Poster-like primitivism to expressionism. He has participated in a number of collective art projects. Alan welted in art performance, mostly combining painting with other art forms (poetry, dance, music, film). He also has tried wall painting (murals), children illustration, city sculptures)
Since Maidan Revolution in 2014 he participated in number of pro Ukrainian Art Related projects: Art Auction, Art Workshops and Exhibitions. Sporadic in the beginning, they developed in twofold movement. First was the project “Heart for Ukraine”. Project main goal was a rehabilitation summer camp for children affected by war with Russia.
Those projects developed into the art platform “Diffusion”. It was shaped around an Idea to develop Donbas region Art life by bringing together Artist from western countries and local artists. And enable them to work and create together.

Olga Losynska

is an artist from Odessa who moved to Berlin with the outbreak of war in Ukraine. In her works, she finds inspiration in everyday subjects, sketching domestic scenes in conditions of lockdown due to the pandemic, as well as capturing life of Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

The Diffusions art project

gathers and brings Ukrainian and international artists to different locations to explore new cities, communicate with the community, and translate their impressions into paintings. These works remain in the cities and create a base of contemporary cultural heritage.

Before the Russian Federation's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Diffusions project worked mainly in eastern Ukraine (Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and other cities). And now Diffusions plans to bring Ukrainian artists to Lyon, France, for an artistic residency and a full-fledged art exhibition.

The purpose of this artistic residency "Diffusions in exile" is to create relevant Ukrainian artistic content and expose it to the European art community in order to preserve the Ukrainian cultural context, actualize it in the global artistic environment, and speak the Ukrainian narrative in the language of art. Another task of the artistic residency is to record and document the state of war that Ukrainian artists are currently experiencing, which will make a significant contribution to the development of the European cultural narrative.

Anatolij Pickmann

is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator originally from Ukraine. He works mainly digitally, often mixing techniques. In his work, he touches on current themes of war and the pandemic, transforming them into poster statements.

development of the European cultural narrative.


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