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Yanka Smetanina

 artist  |  researcher  | curator 

Work nominated for the Kandinsky Prize. Personal show 2012.  

Zverev Center.  Exebition of nominates 2013. Udarnik,  Moscow, Russia.

Second stage

As I known in psychology Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified five stages of grief, loss of a loved one. This principle applies to the acceptance of any other unexpected events. Stage 2 - aggression. 5th stage - acceptance. According to statistics, only 2% of people are going through 5th stage.

Loss... Sometimes we all lose something, someone ...

We tried to ignore the fact that leads us to the unpleasant thoughts ...

We throw away unnecessary things, get rid of unwanted habits.

In my life there is no more TV, and I do not know what a «nail-biting» is. The word «nail-biting» is stricken out from my vocabulary! I cross out «affection»... What else we’ve got unnecessary? That else is hard to think about? Ah, it’s «respect», «freedom», i cross them out too.

We do not let into our life unwanted people.

Sometimes, while being closely together we may not exist for each other. If that is not enough, we cross out the people from our lives, especially if they do something wrong.

People are dye... We cross out the memory of them, so we do not hurt or, or cross out the love for life in memory of the departed.

It’s the illusion of comfort. Emptiness, absence of stimulus. We minimize our pain possibly causing some to others. A vicious circle.

But (there is always a «but»), people do not disappear forever.

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