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Images of vaginas is part of an on-going project "Body"  that began in 2017. It originated in questioning why exposing the female breast is a centuries-old taboo and progressed to examining how representations of the vagina are used. It is based on research into how the standards of women’s beauty has been changing in the modern world and the reaction of society to those changes. The project is dedicated to the acceptance of our bodies. 

While provocative works such as Gustave Courbet’s “The Origin of the World” or the performance of Deborah De Robertis contributed to the long history of the portrayal of the female nude, realistic painting not  images  external genitalia. The moulds by sculpture Jamie McCartney of real vaginas were used as models for the paintings.

A vagina, as a Thing (in the Lacan's philosophy ) par excellence is an object that sets both desire and horror. The goal of the project is to create associations with positive archetypes by an act to destigmatize the vagina. Aquarels that are almost decorative cause associations from bloody wounds to air butterflies and flowers, turn into symbols, a bright hieroglyph. No fear. No shame.

Par excellence.
No fear. No shame