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Erasing. HD Video. 2014. "Panoptikum", special program of the 6th Moscow biennale of Contemporary Art

One's acts are not only modelled by thoughts of the future, «looks forward», but also under the influence of events from the past. The inability to chase away thoughts and memories away makes one unconsciously repeat seemingly meaningless actions. In rubbing one's face, hands, as if performing a magical meditative ritual, there is some kind of healing, getting rid from obsessive phantoms of the past.

In our time, as always, there are probably changes in the meaning of words.  They lose their original meaning and acquire a new one. Or they don't acquire.... at all, but simply lose it. Such is the case with the word "motherland". Who can pronounce this word seriously now? Either with hatred, or with mockery... The word "patriotism"? Unless it induces a gag reflex. "Election"? "Honesty"? The words have faded like forgotten flags. 

I write each word on a small format and mash it down to an almost invisible state. It may not be visible at all at times, as happens with the word 'vote'.

THE WORN WORDS. Exhibition "Freedom of Choice". 2011. Moscow. 
From left to right: love, death, dream, faith, voice, freedom, mother, patriotism, fatherland.

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Yanka Smetanina 

artist  |  researcher  | curator 

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