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Intimate diary

A series of three performances united by the theme of emigration that I was about to undertake.

Moscow. Solyanka. 2017.

Intimate diary

I collected an archive of all my «flaws», all critical comments about my appearance and wrote them on my body. Documented. I highlighted all the scars that I had previously only hidden. Acceptace of my body, my appearance, age changes do not allow me to break under countless criticism. Some parts of the body are named twice exactly the opposite, representing double standards. Inscriptions bags under eyes and wrinkles yellow colored skin and eyes unkempt eyebrows, to time and why fiaughter lines terribly spoil the whole face farm nose thin lips loose saggy neck rough skin huge pores one lonely hair, my grandmother had the same one gray hair seclioned eyebrow fist scar scar and a little bald spot since childhood pale hair sponge scar almost like a tattoo what is it, unhappy love? did you want to die unshaved bushes vulgar tattoo like sandpaper (elbows) scar from hitting the door agnails sagging wrinkles scratches: terrible hairiness swollen veins varicose veins cellulite too fat - too skinny little meat

We won!

Moksha. Affections